4 Common Bathroom Issues And How To Fix Them

As one of the most used spaces in your home, the bathroom is more prone to plumbing problems. Plumbing is a basic necessity that tends to be neglected until it starts to create serious concerns and messes for you.

Whether your child decides to hide your keys in the sink, a pipe burst unexpectedly, your sink won’t stop running, or you are forced to brave the freezing water for your morning shower, there are many inconvenient situations that require a plumbing solution that needs to be applied in your bathroom.

Unlike some home repairs, plumbing problems cannot be ignored or put on your to-do list for the road. If you don’t want to spend all your money, it’s best not to put off repairs. Here are some plumbing problems that need to be fixed now.

1. No hot water


There’s nothing like a soothing, warm bubble bath to help you relax after a long day at work. Imagine pouring in your favorite scented oils and slowly sinking into the tub. Then suddenly, you realize you’re about to submerge yourself in ice-cold water. While it’s common to run out of hot water to run the dishes, the washing machine, or a family member who has decided to take a long shower, water heater problems can also be the culprit.

In fact, water heater problems are one of the most common reasons people call plumbers in the first place. While you will reduce your hot water bill, we don’t recommend neglecting your hot water tank to save a few bucks. Contact a plumbing expert to repair it or to deal with freezing.

2. Leaking pipes

A leaking pipe is a serious problem that needs to be repaired immediately. Any drop of water- even the smallest amount- can seep into walls and fixtures, causing significant and costly damage to your home. In addition to being harmful to your home, excessive moisture can affect your health through mold growth.

Who wants that? Leaky pipes are among the most annoying plumbing problems in the home. If you find that your pipes have a small leak, you should breathe a sigh of relief- by fixing the problem sooner, you could prevent your pipes from bursting.

3. A leaky toilet


Either someone has been messing with your toilet, or the toilet itself has sprung a leak? While neither scenario is pleasant, the problem is probably due to a deteriorated seal rather than a lazy roommate.

Besides being a big mess, you could ruin your floor by delaying the problem. It’s also a slipping hazard if a toilet leak is left unattended. Rather than waiting until you have a bigger problem or a potential lawsuit, it’s best to call a plumber as soon as possible.

4. A toilet that runs continuously

With all that your toilet has been doing lately, would you believe it was training for a marathon? Let’s face it- a leaky toilet isn’t just annoying; it’s expensive. Fortunately, fixing a continuously running toilet is usually not expensive or time-consuming. The sooner you fix the problem, the sooner you can stop flushing your money down the toilet!

While everyone has plumbing problems from time to time, the good news is that some have a quick fix that you can do yourself. However, if you feel uncomfortable with the project, it’s best- and much safer- to have a trusted plumbing professional do the job.

Final thought


Always call a professional plumber when you have a problem with your plumbing fixtures, as they need to be fixed by a professional. You may think you can do it yourself, but you may end up doing more damage and calling a plumber who will charge you more to fix the problem and the result of your attempted resolution.

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