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Plumbing tips

For most of us, plumbing is a foreign concept that we know little to nothing about. Most of us either call a plumber or our parents when there is a plumbing issue in our home, I just recently moved out of my parents’ home, and I still call my mom whenever there is an issue in my condo or something that I can’t do or find, as if she will miraculous come to my place in the click of a button. So, we need to learn a lot more about plumbing, not necessarily how to fix it per se but to be aware when and when not to call a plumber for help. We live in the age of the internet, and there are a lot of myths circulating around, and we need to debunk them because not everything we see online is real. #Myth 1- Mixing hot water with…

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2 Common plumbing problems that you can fix at home Whether you own a home or are living on your own in a new apartment, most of us fear any plumbing issues that may happen because we don’t know how to fix them. Most of us call a plumber every time we have an issue with our plumbing system, but this can be really expensive at times. Don’t worry because I am here to tell you some common plumbing problems and how you can fix them. Roll up your sleeves and let’s find a solution to all your plumbing issues, this time, you won’t have to call dad or a plumber to fix them. You can even brag about this to your friends. So without further ado, let’s get on this list. Tips for novice plumbers  Have the appropriate tools to do the jobs that you are doing, don’t try…

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Don't panic

Why Your Toilet Won’t Flush and How to Fix It? Are you stuck in a plumbing dilemma where your toilet refuses to flush? Don’t be afraid. We’ll go through the most frequent reasons why your toilet isn’t flushing and how to fix them. Your Toilet Is Clogged A clogged toilet is an obvious reason why your toilet won’t flush. Never flush anything down the toilet except for toilet paper. Wipes and other things can accumulate in your sewage system and clog your toilet. How To Fix: You may use a toilet plunger or toilet auger to dislodge whatever it is that is clogging the flushing mechanism and allows it to travel down the pipe. If your toilet gets clogged frequently, you might want to try using thinner toilet paper, especially if you or other members of your family use a lot of toilet paper. Your Toilet’s Chain Might Not Be…

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