What to Do When Something Valuable Has Been Flushed?

At least once in your life, you must have been in this scenario: You flushed the toilet and then accidentally knocked something off into the toilet; and all you could do was stand there helpless and watch it go down the drain.

Or, you could have been in this scenario: You were cleaning the toilet when your brand new engagement ring (or just your old wedding ring) slipped off your finger and went down the drain.

Or, you must have been in this one if you have kids: You had your phone in one hand and were flushing the toilet with the other hand when your kids came up rushing the stairs and shouting, “Hey mom/dad, look what I did?” And, as you turned and said, “Wait, honey,” you accidentally dropped the phone in the toilet.

Whether it’s a distracting husband accidentally flushing his wedding ring, a necklace charm falling off your neck or a cat knocking your phone off the bathroom counter –we’ve all met the unfortunate fate of having something valuable being flushed down the toilet. It’s truly devastating to see something that holds an emotional and intimate value to you being flushed down the toilet; however, there’s no need to feel depressed or guilty as there are several ways you can retrieve what you accidentally flushed. 

Don’t Flush the Toilet Again

Don’t Flush the Toilet AgainFlushing something valuable once is enough; you don’t want to lose anything else.

It is very important to make sure not to flush the toilet again or else the ring, the phone or whatever you flushed will be pushed farther down the drainpipe. So, until you get your hands back on the thing you lost, make sure the bathroom stays unused.

Note: If you can’t seem to find a way to keep your kids from playing in the bathroom and flushing Mr. Teddy Bear, tell them you’ve got a bad stomachache (if you know what I mean).

Turn off the Water Supply

Safety first!

Even before thinking of how to recover your lost or rather “flushed” jewelry, you need to turn off your toilet’s water supply. So, what you need to do is locate the toilet’s valve –it’s usually found at the back of the toilet or in the basement – and turn it completely clockwise.

Turning off the water supply would prevent any accidental overflow and save you and your precious item in case someone –be it you or your kids – accidentally hits the toilet flush again.

Was It Completely Flushed?

There are many who are throwing away their old toilets and replacing them with new ones, but if you are still the owner of an old toilet, then cheer up as you have higher chances of finding your lost item since older toilets don’t have the same powerful flushing force as new ones. And, sometimes, it happens that you don’t hit the toilet’s flush handle all the way and the result is a small or a half flush; and if you are really that lucky, your jewelry or phone may still be floating around in the toilet. So, if you see the object, put on some gloves (or you can go bare hands if you want) and grab it.

However, if the item is stuck in a place where your hands can’t seem to reach it, use a snaking tool – the grips along the sides are perfect for removing the object from the drain. A coat-hanger is also a great option that might help you fish out the item.

Is It in the Toilet Trap?

The toilet trap refers to the curved part of a toilet that usually leads to the drainpipe. So, if your object is stuck in it and if you can feel it, try to loosen it.

If That Doesn’t Work, What Do I Do?

If That Doesn’t Work, What Do I Do?Well, you could try emptying the toilet tank along with the basin of water or remove the toilet from the ground itself. However, if it’s really a precious item that you want to retrieve at all costs, I suggest you hire a professional for that task.




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